About Rue Excavating

When you work with Rue Excavating you are working directly with the owners. Jim and Logan have intentionally kept Rue Excavating a small business to ensure that their customers always receive the best experience, service and work. So be rest assured that the people you talk to about your job will be the same people showing up to your job site.

Now a little about the owners...Jim Rue has been in the excavating business for over 40 years as a Heavy Machine Operator. Jim is known in the business as an expert with a solid reputation. There is no doubt that you will be getting efficiency, quality, experience and a strong work ethic with Jim on the job.

Logan Rue, Jim’s son, is known for his outstanding work ethic and strong attention to detail. Over the years he has received many compliments and has built solid relationships with homeowners, landowners and contractors that leads to consistent referrals.

Combined, Logan and Jim have over 50+ years experience in the trades. Their devotion to quality work, not cutting corners and building a strong relationship is what makes Rue Excavating the right choice for their customers.